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Dorothy Richardson, M.S. ' The Making of Dr. Dot

The Connecticut native, aka Dr. Dot - a nickname given to Stein by Frank Zappa in - is a self-described "rock chick" who, as a teenager, wanted to. Dorothy Stein—dubbed Dr. Dot by Frank Zappa—gave her first backstage massages to Def Leppard when she was 15, traded rubdowns for concert.

dr.dot. DR DOT, 48, reveals she has bitten many stars, including Katy Perry and Simon Cowell as part of her unique massage technique.

Dr. Dot, Manhattan, NY. 3 likes. International Massage + Chiropractic Team. Dr. Dot is widely known in the music and celebrity worlds as a pit bull massage therapist. That is, she has a rough-and-tumble.

Dr. Dot: Building an empire one massage at a time

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Dr. Dot Stein | New York, New York, United States | Owner, Dr. Dot Therapy LLC kiberpatrulbmt.ru | + connections | See Dr. Dot's complete profile on Linkedin.dr.dot Her name is Dot Stein—crowned Dr. Dot by client Frank Zappa in —and many Hollywood A-listers have her on speed dial. Dot, often called the “. DOVER — For nearly three decades, Dorothy Stein — aka “Dr. Dot” — has made a living massaging rock stars and other celebrities. Dr. Dots Podcast ❤️ Donations are much appreciated: kiberpatrulbmt.ru Or Venmo @Dot-Stein.


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They won by a penalty? Recap of Stereo-Dinner on June 25, in Manhattan. It was the first time I had been in Judas Priest Front man talks to Dot for almost an hour. Rob opens up about his sobriety and how Danny is a long time massage client and friend of mine. In this podcast he chats about his A very insightful conversation with Ray and Dr. Ray answers questions from Scott Thunes, Then moving back up north in June to Ike Willis update May 15th, A quick call to Ike, checking in to hear his medical update.

Got a scare when Ray White emailed Home Dr. Dot Dr. Community Share RSS. Podcast Dr. Dot Por Dr. Dot En Dr. Dot She looks cute in pics, but in person she will make you nervous as she's that good-looking. She was walking around the dressing room naked, getting dressed and I thought to myself: 'How many men would kill to be in my shoes right now?

The show I saw was not pop. It was rock. On Lady Gaga: "We massaged her and her dancers daily, worldwide. I personally massaged her once and she was very entertaining. Loves having her feet massaged. I had the feeling she needs more sleep, but I know being in the spotlight means no sleep. Not my type of music, but I did watch her show for a bit and I have to admit: Lady Gaga can sing.

On Lauryn Hill: "Love her. She has the most perfect female body I have ever massaged. Flawless, just like her voice. This woman is polite, sweet, chill, generous, such a joy to massage. She told me I gave her the best massage she has ever received in her life. On Sheryl Crow: "Sheryl had just come out of her relationship with Eric Clapton, so she opened up to me about that during her massage.

I gave her my two cents about the whole thing, and she seemed to love my advice. I loved how natural Sheryl was. If you think she looks pretty in pictures and on TV, you would be shocked to meet her in person as she is 10 times prettier. Not kissing butt here, just telling you the truth. This woman is a goddess from head to toe. She loved the Hot Choc treatment and even said, 'It smells so good I want to lick your fingers' - but she didn't, of course.

My massage team has supplied massage treatments for countless Seal tours, so Heidi was always around back then.

Not now! Heidi is super-friendly and down-to-earth, although it's hard to speak to her since she's over 6 feet tall in heels. Great legs! Steven Tyler: "Steven is so freaking fun to work on. He does have a tiny attention span so he jumps off the table rather frequently. His massage sessions usually last three hours because of this but I am smiling the whole time. I used to call my special lip massage the 'Mick Jagger Method' but when Steve caught wind of that he said 'excuse me,' jumped off the table, went 'brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr' so I could see his big lips flapping in the breeze and assured me I need to call it the 'Steven Tyler Method' from now on as his lips are clearly 'way bigger than Mick's.

On Gene Simmons: "Gene will tell you that I was the first and last to ever massage him. I had massaged the band many times, but he always refused, saying he doesn't get massaged etc. I finally convinced him to try it. He spoke the whole time, so I guess he didn't really notice that I began. He let me massage him a few more times after that but, as you all know, Gene is a control freak and doesn't relax very often. Good-hearted Gene. He's a big softie under all that armor.

On Bruce Willis: "Bruce is generous, funny, has a kick-ass taste in music but can also be moody, so do not upset him. He takes his massage very seriously and will have 10 therapists in a row, lined up, waiting to massage him.

He tests them out for a few mins each and if they aren't good he tells them 'next!

The Local's series "Making it in Germany" presents Dot Stein, the Berlin-based masseuse to the stars and saucy sex columnist better known as Dr. The rock 'n' roll masseuse has spent three decades giving backstage rubdowns to bands like the Grateful Dead, The Ramones and the Rolling.   dr.dot kiberpatrulbmt.ru Venmo is: @Dot-Stein This Pandemic has destroyed Dot Stein needs your support for Please help Dr. Dot and her. I'm Dr. Dot. Kind hearted smart ass that doesn't fit in any box. bonnieann.69 sexyyykitty onlyfans Posted in Dr. Dot | Tagged anchor, breaker, Doctor Dot, Dotcast, DotStein, Dr. Dot, drdot, google podcasts, interviews, PcoketCast. Dr Dot software allows quick and easy interpretation of all D-tek's BlueDot tests. Quantification of the results are now possible using a simple office.


Check out Dr Dot (Grady G Remix) by Valex & Andy Farley on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on kiberpatrulbmt.ru The latest Tweets from Dr. Dot (@Dotreid). Scottish academic lawyer @uofglaw. Interested in policy & politics of law, obligations, death and inheritance.  dr.dot Listen to Dr Dot on Spotify. Valex · Single · · 1 songs. Viimeisimmät twiitit käyttäjältä Dr. Dot (@Dotreid). Scottish academic lawyer @uofglaw. Interested in policy & politics of law, obligations.

Dr. Dot, masseuse to the stars

Dr Dot Feast is a Psychiatrist with a special interest in Addictions, Mood and Anxiety disorders, Dual Diagnosis and trauma. More info. Hall of Famer Dr. Dot Richardson had a powerful message for the Kent State softball team on Saturday.  dr.dot Dr. Dot, aka Dot Stein, has been masseuse to the stars for almost 30 years, starting out in as a "pioneer," rubbing sore celebrity. Dr Dot Feast is a psychiatrist with a special interest in Addictions and Dual Diagnosis. She is based at Kenilworth Clinic in Cape Town:  

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Apply To 15 Dr Dot Jobs In Lucknow On kiberpatrulbmt.ru, India's No.1 Job Portal. Explore Dr Dot Job Openings In Lucknow Now! She's the New Jersey massage therapist with an interesting technique for relaxation! Dr Dot has been dubbed the 'rock and roll masseuse'.  dr.dot Professional home page for Dr Dot Dumuid, Senior Research Fellow, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance, University of South Australia. Dr. Dot Richardson. Medicine Collegiate & Olympic Softball. Dorothy “Dot” Richardson M.D. is a native Floridian. She was born in Orlando and graduated from. ginger bunny Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Dr. Dot (@drdots).


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Yet there I was, scooting out of the office an hour early to head up to my apartment on the Upper East Side, where famed massage therapist Dr. Dot would nibble on my back before rubbing me down. Dot is widely known in the music and celebrity worlds as a pit bull massage therapist. That is, she has a rough-and-tumble, far from soothing, style. She's rubbed down just about every star you can think of and isn't afraid to spill her secrets.

Kanye West? Mariah Carey? She apparently likes to watch Mean Girls on repeat while getting rubbed down. The Rolling Stones? Dot actually went on tour with them. She is known for deep-tissue massages — no tickling touches or whale sounds playing over the speakers here. This is all right up my alley. My mother and I have similar ethos when it comes to massage: Beat the hell out of me, or get the hell out.

So I was pretty excited when I met Dr. Dot outside of my apartment to assist her in muscling her massage table up to my tiny studio. Full disclosure: My session was complimentary. Thanks, Dr. I was immediately turned on by her energy — she's got a lot of it.

We bonded over classic rock and tattoos as she set up her table. Dot explained as she spread red terrycloth sheets over the table.

Hell — I'd floated naked in the dark for an hour. I'm down for just about anything. So, why biting? It's very simple, actually. According to Dr. Dot, biting helps tenderize the muscles and gets the blood flowing ahead of the rubdown.

It's almost like the warm-up before a yoga class — it helps get your muscles in prime condition to be massaged, ultimately making the reach deeper and more effective. When it was time to start, Dr. Dot excused herself to my restroom to brush her teeth while I undressed and situated myself face-down on the table. She always brushes before and after a bite massage — oral hygiene is key, y'all! Once she was set, she placed her hands on my spine as a guide and started biting the left side of my back, starting from just above my butt and ending on my shoulder.

It was, without a doubt, the best and craziest sensation I've ever experienced during a massage. Sure, I'd been bitten on my back before in the heat of the moment ahem , but never in such a clinical fashion. Dot does one side at a time and covers the entire surface area of your back, avoiding your spine and other bones.

Then she moves on to your neck, which also felt pretty stellar. You're basically forced to relax while she's nibbling — if you tense up, it hurts. The biting lasted about five to 10 minutes I think , and I feel like I should mention that she never broke the skin. Dot did mention that my skin raised in some of the places she bit me, but I have crazy-reactive skin that flares up for no reason, so I wasn't surprised.

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Notice/Disclaimer: No one on Dr. Dots whole team offers or does the Bite Massage. This is just a modality that Dr. Dot herself developed and does for close.