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Duration: Views: Submitted: 5 months ago. Categories: chaturbate. Report this video as Inappropriate. Error no video, no sound. Copyrighted material.

Reason optional. Link to this video. BB code. Probably a result of spice.. A very long story. Oh okay. Me: Oooops. There are much worse things than marijuana and ecstasy…and a lot of them are legal.

When patients tell me they smoke marijuana I respond as if they just told me that they drink Pepsi sometimes. I'm in the same boat. I don't consider Mary Jane a "drug" like how the term is colloquially used. Like, alcohol withdrawal can straight up kill you whereas with pot you're essentially just back to baseline. Do you consume Marijuana? Do you do any illicit drugs? While conducting research I had to ask what method of contraception they were using. A bud walked late into a room for the end of 3rd year osce.

Grabbed the chart, saw A1c of 9. It was the breaking bad news room. He passed and matched at WashU. It's fine, today I encouraged my alcohol abusing pt to take his meds w a dixie cup of water and pretend it was tequila. He got excited. I tend to say "oh that's great" or "that's awesome" to SPs and once a patient said their dad died recently and I said "wow that's awesome!!!

Because some people, especially psychiatrists, feel that it can create a negative stigma around drugs and make the patient less forthcoming. IDK how I feel about it. I guess I just come up with a response based on the vibes the patient gives off. The patient already denied drug use after the doctor called drugs fun. If they weren't forthcoming then, then they won't be later.

It might take more than a single moment of implied verbal acceptance to mitigate decades of learned social stigma. You're doing mental gymnastics to fit some modern pseudo- political frame here. The bottom line is, if you establish rapport with the patient, your personal idiosyncrasies will still fly and be taken just fine by them.

Even disagreements won't put them on guard if they know you're not a judgmental person. That's the difference between having confidence in yourself and just fitting the doctor mold. You know which doctors I've seen patients love the most? The ones who talk about taking edibles in Colorado and saying off the cuff things for the sake of humor. Patient love those practitioners because the walls between patient and provider have been broken down and a genuine human connection has been formed.

Having a stick up your ass will never endear your patients to you unless you're both a part of the same far out political group who wants to standardize human interaction. Fuck that, let humans be human. Most of us doctors are trying our absolute best to help patients. Stop micromanaging us on how to do that because "social stigma".

How to be a human with other humans runs so much deeper than these social constructs people keep intellectualizing about these days. I completely and fully agree with everything you're saying. I think you might misunderstand what I meant.

That it's about treating them compassionately and lovingly as one should a fellow human being. I suppose I did misunderstand. You seem pretty rad in that case. Ironic user name, eh? Haha, nah you didn't light me up, I appreciate your comment and your compliment. Not really. I think with a majority of patients that's a pretty emotionally intelligent response. Yeah but as physicians, we should be doing better.

Its almost as though those ethics questions from uWorld didn't stick Patients love me the most when I'm being myself, so sorry I ain't buying it now or ever. I mean, that does sound fun. Just confirmed a mutual friend sold lol. This thread is making me feel way better about interviewing patients tomorrow lmao.

The best doctors are this sarcastic and then go on to get a bit serious. Seriously, gotta be a little funny with it. When I was a M1 I was lowering a SP back from her 45 degree position to lay flat and the table just straight dropped her flat.

She looked at me shook like I was the biggest idiot. Luckily it happened to be Halloween and I told her I had to scare her at least once during the visit and she laughed her ass off. Oh I regularly use this line: "Do you use any street drugs?

Weed, meth, coke Any of the good stuff? An SP told me she drank like 4 or 5 shots of vodka a day, to which I responded "Wow, seems like a lot dontcha think? Standardized patient. Much obliged. Standardized patient- an actor playing a fake patient.

Literally saw someone do this last month lol. Honestly, I think that's great. Pt's usually feel awkward answering that question, so I like to just nonchalantly say "ok" and just move onto my next question.

That way it just seems like a normal question in a slew of other questions. It's not like you were supposed to be like ay you cant do dat. Hey you're not wrong. If you get any flack, just say you were being non-judgemental and accepting of the patient. I think we've all been there!!

Yo, in the real world this doesnt matter. My brother took too much lsd and had to go to the hospital. I love doing acid. I use to have a terrible habit of responding to whatever a patient was saying with "oh cool.

I did something similar with an SP when they said they smoked marijuana everyday. Someone in my school thought they were supposed to palpate the dorsalis penis artery no such thing? Instead of dorsalis pedis during an OSCE, and they proceeded to do so. Credit to the actor, he let them do it. Me: "anyone else with thyroid problems in your family? It's a true statement. I use a line that similar as a resident in the ED. Do not worry lol also no emojis on Reddit. HolyMuffins 1 week ago That doesn't sound that that weird if you go with the flow and follow it up appropriately.

HolyMuffins 1 week ago And also that drugs are bad for you. PasDeDeux 1 week ago Hilarious anecdotes. NotGonnaLightYouUp 1 week ago Don't ever substitute your ability to form genuine human connections for the sake of academia.

Zerenium 1 week ago As an ass human being, this is comforting. Bammerice 1 week ago If it makes you feel any better, I once auscultated a patient's feet with my stethoscope. ChimiChagasDisease 1 week ago I gotta know how this happened. Bammerice 1 week ago Basically preceptor told me to do full cardio physical exam. ChimiChagasDisease 1 week ago Lol. Loonyleeb 1 week ago Always on alert for those dorsalis pedis bruits.

CyberGhst 1 week ago Hahahaha this made me laugh! LasixOclock 1 week ago That moment when you and your patient both get referrals. Jimjamsandwhichman 1 week ago Dont take it to hard, vaporized alcohol is a thing, and more dangerous iirc. Rusino 1 week ago Vape it. Rusino 1 week ago "Up high! JustinTruedope 1 week ago i used to say "oh okay perfect" to basically everything Yaddlethejedimaster 1 week ago Lol a patient once told me I reminded him of abed.

WeirdTalkingCat 1 week ago Had to look that up lol. ChimiChagasDisease 1 week ago Yeah usually with marijuana unless its an obscene amount I just say something along the lines of you do you if you trust the source. HolyMuffins 1 week ago I give a half-assed effort of saying well, smoking anything probably isn't great for your lungs, but I'm not gonna badger you too hard if this isn't something you're wanting to talk about quitting right now.

PGY0ne 1 week ago Oh okay cool …. Rusino 1 week ago Too real bro. Rusino 1 week ago Oldwhiteman Sr, MD. Soccerismylife 1 week ago SP: I lost my job recently and Im between homes Me: do you have smoke detectors in your home? W-Trp 1 week ago I struggle to remember to ask about stressors and HCM, and you're asking about smoke detectors in the home?

Beniacker 1 week ago Yea…But that breast exam was thorough tho. Briorash 1 week ago Legitimately though, I was talking to a floridly psychotic patient in the ED who had taken shrooms a few days before by putting them in a peanut butter sandwich with honey and I was like "that's cool, I had a friend blend them into a peanut butter shake.

Briorash 1 week ago Oh for sure. Koopa87 1 week ago I'm not sure if this will make you feel better or worse about it but I used to watch and provide feedback for those encounters via video my med school had fake patient rooms with cameras, I think that's pretty common. Ravnard 1 week ago What's spice. Ravnard 1 week ago Oh okay. TheGhostOfBobStoops 1 week ago I tend to say "oh that's great" or "that's awesome" to SPs and once a patient said their dad died recently and I said "wow that's awesome!!!

NotGonnaLightYouUp 1 week ago You're doing mental gymnastics to fit some modern pseudo- political frame here. WutsDatBud 1 week ago Yeah but as physicians, we should be doing better.

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